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Say hello to our new pup, Leroi de Chez Maurice "Leo"

Story by Dog Willing Publications April 22nd, 2016

For Lisa and me ‘our next dog’ is always an ongoing topic of conversation since we are constantly exposed to dangerous levels of puppy cuteness. But somehow, we’ve been pretty good at resisting temptation. We only keep just enough dog power with us to cover our hunting needs and keep us warm on cold Manitoba nights.

But then, last May, Henri died.

His passing left a massive hole in the heart and massive shoes to fill. We considered getting another Weimaraner. But after losing two magnificent Weims to terrible diseases over the years, every time we talk about it, we end up on the verge of tears. So we thought about the other breeds we’d always wanted. On our short list are the Portuguese Pointer and Picardy Spaniel. Then a couple of months ago, after photos of the first litter of Picardy pups whelped in the UK appeared on my Facebook feed I shared them with the caption: If you’ve ever considered getting a Picardy pup, now might be the time!

And the more I looked at the photos, the more I felt my own resistance fading. At one point I had to step away from the computer and plead with Lisa: Talk me down dear, help me step away from the edge. I fully expected her to provide me with some solid, logical reasons why I should not get a pup at this time. But instead of being reasonable and helping me resist, she said: A new pup!? I’ll go get my purse… So, despite my best efforts, it looks like the first person to give into temptation was…me!


Photos by Sarah Nicholson Caldecott.

A97T6497-PSLEO©Sarah Nicholson Caldecott.jpg
A97T6605-PSLEO©Sarah Nicholson Caldecott.jpg
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A97T6268-PSLEO©Sarah Nicholson Caldecott.jpg
A97T6428-PSLEO©Sarah Nicholson Caldecott.jpg
A97T6454-PSLEO2©Sarah Nicholson Caldecott.jpg
Footnote: Leo is currently with super-trainer Julian Apps in the UK. He will arrive in Canada this summer. All photos by Sarah Nicholson Caldecott.