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Countdown to Hunting Season 2016

Story by Dog Willing Publications August 10th, 2016

Preseason Warm-up

We are still in the hot and humid days of August, but Leo needs to get ready for his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test at the end of the month and, even more importantly, opening day of the waterfowl season on the first of September! So that means lots of running and swimming, which just happen to be Leo’s two favourite things in the world to do (cuddling comes third on that list).

20160809Craig Koshyk-0007.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0012.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0076.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0090.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0100.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0103.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0110.jpg

Leo shows a lot of drive in the field. He hunts hard, runs at a decent gallop, has a high head and (so far) a range of about 60-75 meters.

20160809Craig Koshyk-0012.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0098.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0101.jpg
20160809Craig Koshyk-0133.jpg

And a Shakey Video!

My goal this year is to share more video content here and on my website, blog, Facebook page etc. And that means I need to figure out how to actually make decent videos. Last night the lesson I learned ‘use a freakin tripod!’ My apologies for the shaky quality.